Author: Gregory

Awesome ride to Gorda for lunch.

Beautiful Ride to Gorda from Cambria.

2021 FCC Tour de Lakes

Fresno Cycling Clubs Tour de Lakes. Ride start in Shaver, Ca with stops at Wishon Reservoir and Courtright Reservoir. Excellent SAG and many rest stops with food and drink.Images and Video Below.

Six Day Bay Area Bike Tour 2020 Day 1

Day 1 I do not recommend this route. That highway is crazy busy. Even though it has a bike lane, it also has a vertical man made rock wall next to it. No place to go but squish, and the vehicles and semi’s are moving. 

Six Day Bay Area Bike Tour 2020 Day 2

Day 2 was much more pleasant on the roads. Far less traffic. Some of the roads did have a lot of traffic but nothing like day 1. There was either bike lanes or very large shoulders on the major roads. We did have a few